In this section you can download manuals, user guides, drawings and CAD models. If you can’t find what you need here please email

Software Manuals and user guides

  • URD-0002 User Manual (PDF) Download
  • URD-0001 Quick Start Guide – With Pendant (PDF) Download
  • URD-0016 Quick Start Guide – No Pendant (PDF) Download
  • URD-0007 Driver installation guide (PDF) Download
  • URD-0010 User Manual 3D CAD import and simulation (PDF) Download
  • URD-0012 Slave E-Stop Relay Connection (PDF) Download
  • URD-0017 IO Expansion and Advanced Safety Wiring (PDF) Download

Drawings & CAD

  • URD-0003 Base Plate Drawing (PDF) Download
  • URD-0004 Wrist Interface drawing (PDF) Download
  • URD-0009 Base Mounting Template (PDF) Download
  • PSU1004 – PSU Control box CAD Model (STEP File) Download
  • PRD1000 – Arm in 990 and 1340mm configurations (STEP File) Download
  • PRD1000 – Arm Modules Download (STEP File) Download

Support Files

Other Resources