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Our Mission

We created Inovo Robotics to make capable, versatile, robotics accessible to all. We address the problems growing businesses have in automating repetitive, hazardous or precise tasks. We believe there is a better way and want to free your staff from the monotony of repetitive tasks so you can focus them on more valuable and rewarding work. We also believe in putting you in control by providing intuitive, easy to use interfaces, so that configuring our robots for your specific task, is as easy as possible.

And it should not cost so much!!

Who we are

 Our values are in building trust with everyone we work with and investing in the people who build and use our products



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Control Systems Engineer

Product and Applications

Our robotic arms can be used to automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks in manufacturing and research applications as well as providing a great tool for education. Our range of plug and play modular components enable you to assemble an affordable and capable system specifically to suit your needs and our intuitive software will guide you through the configuration even if you don’t have previous experience working with robotics.

Below are some examples of where Inovo Robotics has helped automate processes in a number of small businesses, freeing staff to do more challenging and valuable tasks.

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